Our Portfolio

Animated story of the Gargždai city

"Inside the Vilnius Ghetto" a virtual musical tour

VR Tour "Maritime Disasters and Lithuania"

SBA furniture factory visualization and AR

Revival of archival photos

Educational gamified virtual tour

Kretinga city presentation video

360 ° educational film: Reconstruction of the Curonian market

Interactive 360 ° video material for the lecture

LHM virtual reality real estate tour

VR shooting simulator / game

Virtual cycling in Klaipėda

Gamified website "Branded Shoes Outlet"

“Klasjet” virtual tour of a private plane rent

"Kino Pavasaris" festival's project - VR Cinema

A virtual tour of the Grabijolai ethnographic village

"Kaunas Capital of Culture 2022" promo video

"Motyvacija Judėti" augmented reality application

Virtual tour of A. Smetona's birthplace

Interactive cycling game "VRride"

Interactive exposition of Trakai tourism objects

S. Moniuška's museum exposition controlled by movements

Virtual tour of the Hill of Crosse

Exposition of Radviliškis Regional History Museum

"Švaros broliai" promotional 360˚ video

"Gray" restaurant virtual tour

"Šimtmečio lobis" augmented reality game

"Vilnius University hospital" VR preparation for colonoscopy examination

360° photo-booth for events

Space Race VR

EVC Interactive game

Museum of the Institute of Anatomy 360˚ tour

Interactive skiing platform

„Gud For“ promotional 360˚ video

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